As an editor, I have worked on a variety of both academic and non-academic projects that have required anything from basic copy editing to managing the collection, revision, and collation of essays into a multi-author volume. Below is more information on my previous projects, as well as a list of services I offer and references who can speak to my ability to turn in high quality work on schedule. 

Complete project management: Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling: A Critical Guide, ed. Daniel Conway, Cambridge University Press, 2014.

I handled this academic project from the initial contract phase through the final page proofs. After collecting essay drafts directly from the volume contributors, I line edited these, checked for the completeness of all citations and works cited entries, and then sent them back to their authors with suggested revisions. Once all revisions were completed, I collated all essays and formatted them to the Cambridge UP house style. This involved further copy editing, as well as converting all citations, bibliographies, and footnotes to a modified version of Chicago with end notes. Finally, I formatted the manuscript (including pagination, headers and footers, and table of contents), and built an index for it. This project involved coordinating not only with the individual contributors but also with the project manager assigned to the project by the publisher.

Line edits and manuscript formatting: The Trial That Never Ends: Hannah Arendt's 'Eichmann in Jerusalem' in Retrospect, ed. Richard J. Golsan and Sarah M. Misemer, University of Toronto Press, 2017.

For this academic project, I was given the contributor essays by the editors, which I then had to line edit for basic typographical errors and assemble into manuscript form. I then did a global edit and format to ensure consistency and conformity to the publisher's style guide, including the construction of a table of contents.

Construction of bibliography: Theatrical Topographies: Spatial Crises in Uruguayan Theater Post-2001, Sarah M. Misemer, Bucknell University Press, 2017.

Having finished their monograph, the author contracted me to fill out their bibliography, which was incomplete and not formatted. This involved going through all of the in-text citations, adding those that were missing to the bibliography. Because some entries were missing information, I also had to do an amount of research to find the cited source, ensuring that its entry in the bibliography was both complete and correctly formatted to the author's chosen style guide. 

Editing of completed dissertations:

I have helped two Ph.D. candidates polish their dissertations before submitting them for final review by their committee. In one instance, I was helping a non-native English speaker ensure regularity in sentence construction and word choice, while in the other I provided basic copy and line editing services, ensuring that the document was free of typographical errors and confusing syntax. In the latter instance, I also double checked their citations to ensure stylistic conformity and completeness. 

Editing of popular essays and articles:

As Associate Film Editor at Pop Matters, I regularly worked with our freelance writers to ensure that their work was of the highest quality. This including editing for language choice, sentence construction, overall paragraph organization, and conformity to our house style guide. However, it also meant pushing the writer to clarify claims, provide evidence, fill in gaps, or change their emphasis in order to further polish their thought and approach to writing about film. 


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Dr. Daniel Conway
Department of Philosophy
Texas A&M University

Dr. Sarah Misemer
Department of Hispanic Studies
Texas A&M University

Dr. Kate Ozment
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Cal Poly, Pomona